beats-2016A veteran performer in venues across the country, Charlie combines a variety of vocal and guitar styles into a diverse repertoire of original and cover songs, reflecting jazz, folk, pop, and blues influences, including Bruce Cockburn and Paul Simon.

The latest CD, our first family recording, Beats of Burton, complete with serious musicians’ contributions and mastering, is now available. For hard copies, just send your snail address to chazherb@shaw.ca and indicate the number of copies requested. They will arrive with a self-addressed stamped envelope for your cheque based on $15/copy.   Digital copies are available on itunes or CdBaby.Com and priced as shown.

itunes-downloadThree songs (maybe the top three?) are Mariah’s, three are mine, and the other six are covers of our faves. We think you will like them all.

The other three CDs are available at the “RECORDINGS” menu at the top of this page.

Thanks for visiting this site and for listening!

cdbaby-music-store-logoSome sample tracks from “Beats of Burton”

| Jeannie
| She Will Be Loved

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